Our new president Andor introduces himself

Andor Barabás is 25 years old and comes from a Hungarian family. However, he grew up among the Transylvanian Saxons (German minority) in Zeiden/Feketehalom/Codlea in Romania. Andor has also attended Saxon schools: the German primary school in Codlea and later the famous German-speaking Johannes Honterus Lyceum in Kronstadt/Brassó/Brasov. He recently completed his master’s degree in “Leadership and Communication in International Organisations” at the Klausenburg Babeș-Bolyai University. Andor has always been socially active, he danced in a Saxon dance group and is a committed member of the Association of German Youth Organisations (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Jugendorganisationen in Rumänien – ADJ). It is also this organisation which nominated him for the Board in Youth of European Nationalities (YEN).

“The elections took place exactly 1.5 years after I first met this wonderful organisation and its nice and open people at the Easter Seminar in Sankt Georgen/Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania. From that moment on, I have admired the commitment of YEN to the young members of national, ethnic, and linguistic minorities in Europe. For this reason, I took part in other workshops and seminars organised or held by YEN or its partners. I even had the opportunity to do an internship in the Berlin YEN office in September and October 2019. These activities and events not only enriched me with important experiences and knowledge about minority and youth issues, but also brought me friends and valuable memories within the organisation.

During this time, I understood that it is very important for YEN to empower young people politically and to contribute to their personal development. The activity in YEN has helped me to develop organisational and communication skills. These experiences finally motivated me to decide to run for the presidency. This new position will certainly also help me to acquire other important social skills. I am looking forward to practising democracy and participation in civil society, and to broadening the youth perspectives of the European institutions. Furthermore, the position of President will give me the opportunity to contribute to the personal development of other young people. This is a very honourable task.

My priorities for my mandate strengthening the network with new members and partners. I am convinced that it is necessary to allocate more resources to our communication department. In the upcoming months, influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will need more digital presence. I would also be happy to strengthen the networking among our member organisations and provide them with more support. But achieving these goals is only possible together, with you! If you have any new ideas or advice, just contact me, I am open for your initiatives! You can reach me at: andor.barabas@yeni.org ; +40/766-414-999

Thank you again for your trust! I hope for a great cooperation with you!”