Digital Autumn: Think united!

It`s getting colder and darker outside and because of Corona there is not much to do, other than stay at home. Now is a good time to listen to each other and learn something about anti-discrimination. Let’s think united!

As YEN we are committed to create a Europe that values diversity. Our engagement is characterized by a sense of responsibility, respect and openness for others. YEN is against racism and discrimination and as a matter of principle, opposes violence in whatsoever form.

But how can we implement these values in our everyday life? We believe that an important starting point is to get to know other groups and individuals that are often affected by discrimination and marginalisation. In the upcoming weeks, YEN will be hosting a series of Webinars through which you can get to know young people from a variety of minority or marginalised groups. They will share their stories and exchange their experiences with youth from the YEN network – concretely, from the representatives of our Member Organisations.

Besides webinars, we will provide you with further resources such as a selection of books, movies and others, which can help you to learn more about the groups our guests belong to and to gain more knowledge on anti-discrimination.

Digital Autumn “Think United” is part of our Workplan 2020 “Think diverse! Minority youth in a Changing World” and it is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.