Easter Seminar

The annual congress of YEN

In the week before Easter, the main congress of YEN, the Easter Seminar takes place. It is always organized by one of our member organizations. This seminar is the biggest meeting of young people and youth organization of European minorities, attracting more than 100 participants each year.

A diverse program is offered with workshops dealing with an actual topic, which is connected to the situation of the host-minority or minority issues in general. The program is completed by excursions, lectures and other activities and offers the opportunity to get to know the hosts better.

Above all, the Easter Seminar is an exchange-forum for young people. It often marks the beginning of a long-term commitment for minorities and serves as a source of motivation for their work at home.

The meeting is our central event of the year where the direction for future developments is set.

Chronology of the Easter Seminars

Youth Leader Seminar

The Youth Leader Seminar is conducted out each year in autumn by one of the member organizations of YEN.

The Youth Leader Seminar is a working meeting, which basic idea is the further development of YEN as a network of youth organizations and continuing education of its members. Consequently, it concentrates on the young generation of European minorities.

Furthermore, existing and upcoming challenges as well as perspective future strategies are discussed against the background of the actual developments in social policy. The Youth Leader Seminar has been an integral part of the YEN since 1997. It has been first organized in Bautzen/Budyšin in order to concentrate on the demands which the organization had to face due to the integration of new member organizations from East and South-East of Europe.

Chronology of the Youth Leader Seminars

Diversity Festival

The Diversity Festival is normally organised by Member Organisations during summer months and emerged as an extension of the previous Voices of Europe- event. Besides a singing workshop the festival can now also include workshops on theatre, dancing, cooking or other activities, depending on the creativity of the organizers.

The first Diversity Festival took place in 2015 in Bautzen/ Budyšin (Germany). In different workshops participants also have the opportunity to discuss important minority issues, express themselves and their identity in a creative and innovative way and furthermore to get to know more about minority culture and features of the location they are at.

The actual festival takes place in the end of the workshop-week, where the participants present the results to an audience compromised of members from majorities and minorities.

Chronology of Diversity Festivals

Voices of Europe (1997 – 2014)

“Voices of Europe” is organized by youth organizations, who are part of the European network Youth of European Nationalities (YEN). The participating youth unites enthusiasm and love for singing, music and for their – often threatened – language and culture.

Under the leading of an experienced choir conductor, the participants an entire week introduce to each other a lot of songs in the respective minority languages and diligently rehearse for the highlight of the choir camp: a colorful concert with a selection of songs from European minorities.

Songs and singing are one of the oldest treasures of each nation. They are also an expression of cultures and history. Singing together as the “Voices of Europe” is a way for approaching to other languages and presenting the own language in a choir to the audience. This is the peculiarity and the challenge of the project “Voices of Europe” – for the participants and the audience.

Chronology of Voices of Europe