We have a new board! After the General Assembly 2020!

On 10 October 2020 YEN held its first ever Online General Assembly! More than 50 participants, representing 26 member organizations, partners and guests gathered to decide on the plans of the YEN network in the next years and elected new Board Members, Working Group Members and an Auditor.

The new YEN board members are Andor Barabás (President, ADJ), Martina Jazbec (re-elected Treasurer, MOSP) and Andjelo Pavlovski (Convenor for Communication, VYCM). We wish them lots of energy and motivation for their work with YEN.

YEN especially thanks the Board members whose mandate ended with this General Assembly. Namely Giuanna Beeli (GiuRu, President), Florian Leduc (Kenstroll Breizh, Convenor for Minority Rights and Politics) and Jakob Schäfer (PAWK, Convenor for Communication). The General Assembly has also discharged Michael Kral (Pawk) as Internal Auditor. We thank them for their hard work and full commitment to YEN, especially in these uncertain times.

During the General Assembly YEN also elected new Working Group members. We are especially happy to have so many engaged young people from various minority youth organizations, who want to be active in the working groups and thereby ensure YEN’s existence and further development. [1] Additionally, Giuanna Beeli (former president, GiuRu) was elected as Internal Auditor.

The YEN General Assembly also had the pleasure to welcome a new extraordinary member organization to the YEN Family – DM+ (Društvo mladih Slovencev v Italiji – Slovens in Italy) and to reaffirm the renewed partnership for 2020 with the European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy). We are looking forward to the future cooperation!

The YEN member organizations also adopted a resolution on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on minority youth that will be used for YEN´s future advocacy work.

To plan the next years the General Assembly also adopted the new YEN workplan and budget and elected the hosts for future events.

The Diversity Festival 2021 will take place in Koroška/Kärnten in Austria and will be hosted by KSŠŠD (Slovene minority in Austria), the Autumn Seminar 2021 will be hosted by Kenstroll Breizh (Bretons in France) and the Easter Seminar 2022 will take place in the German-Danish border region and will be hosted by SDU (Danish minority of Southern Schleswig, Germany), DJN and Jungen Spitzen (German minority in Denmark).

We also took a look at the past year: the Member Organizations of YEN approved the financial report and the accounts and discharged the members of the Board.

The General Assembly is the most important body of our organization, taking place at least once a year.


Working Group on Minority Rights and Politics: Christoph Graf (Pawk), Ydwine Scarse (FYK), Tatjana Kovacevic (Lunjina), Davor Danevski (Lunjina), Stefan Pitz (Kenstroll Breizh/RDJ), Rejzka Lipičec (PAWK).

Working Group Communication: Paul Mossner (SdU), Nina Peckelsen (FYK), Matti Ullrich (SdU), Jakob Schäfer (Pawk), Linea Kopf (SdU), Iris Kessler (SdU), Linda Stoklasa (GFU), Simon Scapan (Pawk), Alexander Wukovits (HAK).

Working Group Member Integration: Zoran Petkovic (Lunjina), Angelica Augustin (GiuRu), Silvan Brügger (GiuRu).

The General Assembly of YEN 2020 was supported by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.