YEN goes 2021

After the unusual year 2020 we are looking forward to opening a next chapter with exiting activities. And we want YOU to join!

There will be familiar activities but also some new formats to explore. In addition to the popular Seminars (like Easter and Autumn Seminar) we offer an Online Course, Regional Trainings and a Diversity Festival in Summer, happening at the same time as Europeada 2021.

The topic accompanying us throughout 2021 is “stories and narratives”. With the Workplan “Changing the Narrative” we want to take a closer look at the stories, that we tell about ourselves as individuals, that minorities tell about themselves and at the stories that society tells about us. We will learn and explore how we can write and tell our own stories.

Every day we are surrounded by stories and narratives that influence how we think about other people, about society and the world. Most of the time we only listen to those who are the loudest, the most powerful or have the best networks. Sadly, this often means that only one-sided, over-simplified or wrong stories are told about marginalised communities. This is exactly why it is important to understand and critically question how narratives and stories are written and distributed.

With the Workplan 2021 we want to contribute to making the European society more diverse and therefore focus on self-representation of young people from national, ethnic and linguistic minorities.

We want to offer a space in which you can reflect and strengthen your identity and have the opportunity to tell your own story and narrative with confidence.

We will of course also address other topics in 2021! You can find all information below!

Overview Events in 2021
(marked in bold are seminars organised by YEN and our Member Organisations)

Here you will find the detailed description of all events listed (PDF-file).

  • Minority Changemaker Programme, 28th March-26th June 2021ǀ Jaruplund, Germany
  • Easter Seminar “Story of my life”, 26th March – 2nd April 2021ǀ Bressanone/Brixen, Italy
  • “Power of a story”, 4-weeks in April-May 2021 ǀ E-Training
  • Regional Trainings „Stories in Action“, May –September 2021 ǀ in four countries
  • Y-Fed: Shape Europe – Youth Simulation of the European Union; 14th -19th June 2021| Strasbourg, France
  • Diversity Festival, 19th – 27th June 2021 | Carinthia /Koroška, Austria
  • Europeada 2021, 19th-27th June 2021 | Carinthia /Koroška, Austria
  • Study Session “Unrepresented Diplomats of Europe” September 2021 (date tbc) ǀ Budapest, Hungary
  • Autumn Seminar „Re-writing our story“,11th -17th October 2021 ǀ Brittany, France


How can I participate?

YEN will send out an open call about three or two months before an event to each of YEN´s member organisation. If you are interested in participating, you should register through your own Organisation.

* All on-site activities will only be implemented if the public health situation allows it. For now, we are optimistic that we will be able to meet again next year. If it will proof to be impossible, we will implement alternative online activities and inform you as soon as possible.