Registration for Kick-Off Seminar now closed

The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) is looking for participants for the Kick-Off Seminar “Think equally”. The event will take place in Csolnok/Tscholnok (close to Budapest), Hungary and will be hosted by the Gemeinschaft Junger Ungarndeutscher; GJU (the youth organisation of Germans in Hungary). It will be supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

YEN´s year 2020 will be under the slogan: “Think diverse! Minority youth in a Changing World”. Together we want to reflect on the position, role and reality of young people from national, ethnic and linguistic minorities in the light of current developments, challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we want to look at globalization and changing political and social realities and think about how they influence youth from minorities. As a next step we want to find ways to navigate these changes while also supporting and preserving the identity, culture and language of minorities.

Here you can find the detailed OPEN-CALL.

Having used the slogan “Minority Rights are Human Rights” for some time, during the Kick-Off Seminar we want to take a closer look at human rights, human rights education and activism. The Workshop will begin with a reflection on the different parts of one´s identity and offer room to talk about personal experiences of rights being violated or secured.  After looking at the different realities of minority and human rights around Europe we want to find opportunities for own engagement and activism for human rights, collecting strategies, methods and ideas.

Participants should arrive on the 10th and depart on the 16th of February. The workshop will be in English. However, if you don`t feel confident, we will find the way to communicate, just let us know!

The registration lasts until 16th January 2020

Here you can sign up: REGISTRATION