YEN goes 2020

As we are approaching the end of the year, we are evaluating the past events, but at the same time already planning new activities in 2020. Keep yourselves updated – there are some exciting opportunities waiting for YOU!

Under the motto: „Think diverse! Minority youth in a Changing World”, we want to focus on the role and reality of young people from national, ethnic and linguistic minorities in a changing world, in the light of current developments, challenges and opportunities.

Striving for social inclusion, we also want to look beyond national, ethnic and linguistic minorities and invite other partners to participate and discuss the need for solidarity.

At this time when Europe faces populist, far-right, nationalist notions, it is even more important and relevant for the minority youth to step up, defy these ideas and show a positive way of how we, with strong minority identities, can stand up for a diverse, inclusive, open-minded and peaceful Europe.

For that reason, we need to make sure, that human rights are protected, and all social groups can access them. We want to build Europe based on solidarity of young people from various backgrounds.

Overview Events in 2020
(marked in bold are seminars organised by YEN and our Member Organisations)

Here you will find the detailed description of all events listed (PDF-file).

  • Kick-Off Seminar “Think equally”,10.-16 February 2020 Csolnok/Tscholnok, Hungary
  • Minority Changemaker Programme 28. March-28. June 2020 Jarplund, Germany
  • Easter Seminar “Think beyond borders”  03.-09. April 2020 Knivsberg | Denmark
  • General Assembly 09. April 2020 Knivsberg | Denmark
  • Shape Europe – Hackathons “Europe is what we make of it” May – August 2020 | in 5 European cities simultaneously
  • FUEN-Congress, 28.-31. May 2020 | Gorizia/Gorica, Italy
  • Diversity Festival, 19. June- 27. June 2020 | Carinthia/Koroška, Austria
  • Europeada 2020, 20.-26. June 2020 | Carinthia/ Koroška, Austria
  • Working-Group-Meeting 17.-20. September 2020 | to be determined.
  • Autumn Seminar “Think united!”, 05.-11. October 2020 Trieste/Trst, Italy
  • “Think! Spread! Write!”: Minority Messengers HUB all over Europe
  • Shape Europe – Youth simulation of the European Union  “Europe is what we make of it” November 2020 | Strasbourg, France