Vanilla wreath cookies – German minority in Denmark

for ca. 80 cookies


1 vanilla bean (fresh)

200g Flour

200g Butter (room temperatur)

160g Sugar

150g Almond Flour

1 Egg


Split the vanilla bean down the middle and use a knife to scrape out the seeds. Take a spoon full of the sugar and mix it with the seeds so they do not stick together. Take the rest of the vanilla (the hole bean) and but it in a blender together with some of the sugar. this way nothing gets wasted.


In a bowl mix vanilla, sugar (both with and without vanilla), almond flour and Butter, until it is smooth. Ad the egg and keep mixing while adding the flour. The last kneading part needs to be done by hand, but you do not need to do it for long, just until the dough is smooth and even.


Put the dough in a spray bag with a star spout (the bag needs to be strong). Now spray the wreath cookies onto the backing sheet, this can require a bit of strength. You decide how big you want them to be, just as long as there is a hole in the middle. This way you can put a threat to the hole in the middle and hang it on the Christmas tree when they have been baked.


Bake the cookies for ca. 8 min at 180°C until they are golden, then take the out to cool.



Tipp: You can freeze the dough in small portions, so that you have fresh cookies all through December without having to make the dough every time.