Caramelized Almonds

Anyone who has ever been to a christmas marked knows the smell of caramelized almonds mixed with a nice warm cup of mulled wine. All over Germany and Scandinavia minorities (and majority) get into the christmas spirit making these delicious sweets.



200g Almonds

200g Sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla sugar

1 dl water


Prepare a baking pan with baking sheet and place it close to by. Put all the ingredients into a pan and turn up the heat so it starts boiling. Keep stirring with a spadle so the sugar doesn’t burn. At one point when all the water has vaporized,  stop stirring for just a little while, so the sugar starts to melt (we do not want sugar coated almonds but caramelized). When you can see the caramelized sugar in the pan start stirring again, this goes quite fast so turn down the heat if necessary.

When all the almonds have a glossy coating pick up the pan and scrape the almonds of it onto the baking sheet. Let the almonds cool for a few minutes.