As we are slowly approaching the end of the year, we are evaluating the past events, but at the same time already planning new activities in 2019. And there are some exciting things waiting for you!

Under the motto “MYnority – My Say” we want to focus on youth participation as fundamental subject for young people, who want to engage themselves more. In the light of upcoming European Parliament Elections as well as many other national, regional and local elections around Europe, our main aim is to provide young people who belong to the minorities with knowledge on their rights, means of taking advantage of participation opportunities and tools for being active in diverse aspects of their communities.

Kick-Off-Seminar “STEP UP”, 11.-17. February 2019 in Donja Stubica, Croatia

Here we want to kick off with the “MYnority- My Say” and take a closer look on what youth participation means and how it can help achieving the goal of more inclusive, youth and minority-oriented society.

We will talk about the gap between the legal rights of the national minorities and real access to them. The participants will be trained on how to channel their interests and demands to influence the decision-making processes.

Also Minority Messengers and those who are interested in joining the programme are more than welcome! During the Kick-Off-Seminar we will have a chance to exchange the experiences and talk about how to include the subject of youth participation during the MM visits!

Minority Messengers “LISTEN UP”, after the Kick-Off-Seminar until 30. October 2019, all over Europe

After the Kick-Off the Minority Messengers are now trained on youth participation and have more knowledge on the rights of youth belonging to a national, ethnic and linguistic minority. The Messengers continue their visits and spread the word about minority identities and cultures, minorities’ rights. They also talk about diverse ways and means to participate.

This is a second year of the Minority Messengers and we welcome those, who are interested in joining!

Easter Seminar “SPEAK UP!” (Dialogue Event), 12.-19. April 2019, Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania

At the Easter Seminar we want to talk politics and address policy makers directly! Lets make our voice of minority youth heard!

During the event, we want to talk about the democratic system we live in, about why voting is important and how to make the interests of young people from minorities more visible. The highlight of the event is the dialogue with stakeholders, taking place on the last day of the event.

The participants will be trained on how to have their say in matters that affect them, how to access reliable information on matters affecting minority youth and make policy makers more sensitive to the concerns of young people from minorities and lead a dialogue with young people at eye level.

Note: The Dialogue Event will finish on 18. April. On 19. April we will have a General Assembly of the YEN, where the new board members will be elected, and the current affairs will be discussed.

Autumn Seminar “GATHER UP!”, 7.-13. October 2019, Sochi, Russia

With the last seminar we focus on other ways of youth participation than voting. For example: minority youth organisations!

During this event we explore on what we can achieve with our minority youth organisations and reflect on why coming together can be more powerful.

The participants will be trained on how to coordinate and conduct different projects (depending on their interests and expertise, either local, national or digital projects). Another aspect of this training is to train young people in coordinating and conducting the projects.

We want to promote engagement and involvement in the youth (or other) organisations, as they “provide a space where young people can learn and experience the opportunities and challenges of participating in decisions and actions with other young people”.