Youth Leader Seminar 2014 in Switzerland

The member organizations of YEN met this fall, from the 7. – 12. of October at the Giuventetgna Rumantscha (GiuRu) in the Romansh La Punt Charmues – ch (CH).

During these days approximately 70 participants stayed in the local pathfinder home. The working groups for communication, politics and member integration used the Youth Leader Seminar (YLS) to work on the predefined topics. With this seminar therefore the cooperation and involvement of YEN with the No Hate Speech Movement was introduced. The Slogan of the campaign initiated by the Council of Europe – “No Hate”- was translated into various European minority- languages. Also and especially because the Youth of European Nationalities is standing for diversity, living together in peace, respect, love and tolerance between nations, minorities, ethnic groups and their languages.
The other participants had the opportunity to participate in four interesting workshops following the topics: YEN- Minority Song, Videoclip for the Minority Song, Writing/ Minorities in New Media and a Training for Trainers. During these workshops the participants had the opportunity to be creative, develop their skills in minority work and various other fields. This is, how in the end a song is different languages was created, which is now available with its video on the YEN- Youtube Channel.

Besides the offered workshops and the working groups a group of participants continued to finish writing the White Paper.

Furthermore the youth activists took part in an excursion to the museum about the local national park where they learned about the biodiversity and the history of the park, the city and its surroundings. During the Romansh theme-night Göro Klainguti, cultural ambassador, completed the program by giving a reading of his book. The last evening of the seminar was dedicated to a concert of the Romansh singer and musician Pascal Gamboni and the traditional washing- machine- party following the concert.

We want to thank the GiuRu very much for the wonderful insight into the Romansh culture, history and landscape! Keep on with your work!