25. Congress of Ethnic Minorities in Carinthia

From the 29th September to the 1st of October 2014 three YEN Board members, Matic Germovšek Ž.(President), Angel Nikolov (Chair of the YLC) and Rejzka Lipičec (Convenor for Communication), represented YEN at the 25th European Minority Congress in Celovec/ Klagenfurt and Vrba/Velden in Carinthia, Austria.

The main title of the congress was “Understanding the past in order to build the future”. This was done through several discussions in the first days and a final whole-day congress at the 01 st October.
At the congress Matic was also one of the speakers, holding a speech with the title “30 years connecting the Youth of European Nationalities”. He was talking about the past 30 years of YEN and as well about the position and challenges of the youth within minorities nowadays. YEN also met with the President of the Federal Council of Austria – Mrs. Ana Blatnik, who is a Carinthian Slovene. There were also other minorities present such as the Germans from Slovenia, Romania and Ukraine and the Slovenes who live in the region of Carinthia.