World Forum for Democracy 2014

The World Forum for Democracy 2014 gathered about 200 young people from all over Europe to debate current issues like the situation of the European youth and its role as multipiers for democracy and citizen participation. The Forum took flace from 31.10.-06.11. in Straßbourg.
Stere Stamule (Vice- President for Finances) took part on behalf of YEN. At the end of the event, we presented Action Ideas we worked out during this one week event, in order to improve the situation of European youngsters and foster the implementation of our common goals.

By participating in the World Forum for Democracy we could present our work to a wide public and make YEN more popular on international level. Also, we had the possibility to get to know better the staff and partners of the European Youth Foundation (EYF) and present the work of YEN.
All in all our participation was very goof for creating synergies with other organisations and active people and to include them in current and future projects of YEN. The results of this forum feed into the White Paper and the work of YEN.