The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) and Pawk e.V. – Serbske młodźinske towarstwo are looking for participants for the Easter Seminar “Know Your Rights”. The event will take place in Bautzen/Budyšin, Germany from the 22nd  – 28th March 2024 and will be organised by Pawk e.V. – Serbske młodźinske towarstwo with the support of Youth of European Nationalities (YEN/JEV).
Directly after the seminar, on the 28th March, the YEN General Assembly will take place (for the interested representatives of YEN member organisations).

About the Easter Seminar
The focus of this seminar is on Minority, Youth and Human rights. The aim is to understand your own situation as Minority and encouraging you to confidently stand up for your Minority and Human Rights. The organising team is made up of representatives from PAWK e.V. and YEN.

About 60 young people from national, ethnic and linguistic minorities from around Europe will spend a week together, participate in a workshop based on methods of non-formal education, learn about the sorbian community in Germany, get to know each other and enjoy leisure activities such as  an excursion day, a diverse evening program and the Cultural Exchange Market.



Activism and engagement are at the heart of youth organisations for autochthonous, national, ethnic and linguistic minorities. They are often forced to adapt to the majority, so they are used to stand up for their own rights and goals. Therefore, we believe it is important that young people from minorities have a safer space to understand their social and political standing and reflect on their rights. With this seminar, participants will not only be encouraged to discuss their different situations in Europe but also to brainstorm ways of action to confidently stand up for their rights.



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Call for participants

The deadline for registration is the 28th February 2024.
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The seminar is supported by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation and by the Foundation for the Sorbian People, which receives annual grants from tax revenue on the basis of the budgets adopted by the German Bundestag, the Brandenburg State Parliament and the Saxon State Parliament.