2024 – YEN Alumni meetings and YEN Anniversary celebrations!

In 2024 YEN will turn 40, we want to celebrate this both with youth currently active in YEN but also with YEN Alumni (people who were previously active in YEN)

We want to provide opportunities for you to re-connect with YEN and the friends you met there.


YEN General Assembly and Easter in Bautzen (end of March 2024)

Invitation to:

  • join (parts of) the YEN General Assembly on the 28th March, we will include a moment for exchange during the GA and also present our plans for the rest of the Anniversary year.
  • spend the evening of the 28th March together with the YEN Easter Seminar participants.
  • take the opportunity and spend Easter in Bautzen to see the “Sorbian Easter Rides
  • where: Bautzen, Germany

For the 28th March, YEN will invite you to join the group for lunch and dinner, however, you will need to arrange and pay for accommodation and travel yourself.

REGISTER HERE until the 3rd March!


YENiversary networking weekend

Intergenerational Exchange, Networking Opportunities, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Celebrating founders, alumni, and currently active members!

  • Dates: 18th – 21st July 2024
  • Venue: JUFA Pliberk/ Bleiburg, Austria