The Leitbild serves the vision we as YEN with our member organizations have. It covers the basic idea of YEN and its basic principles.

In a two year lasting intensive discussion and based on a questionnaire in which the member organisations could give their opinions the Leitbild was decided by representatives of all our member organisations.

The leading idea describes the meaning of the network, i.e. what it offers to the members and to society as a whole. It reasons, why the YEN exists after all. The basic principles are the statements the organisation stand for, that define the basic values, goals and criteria for success. They show the specific competence of the umbrella organisation and explain how the basic idea should be realised.

The “Leitbild” of YEN

We – the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) – are a dynamic and active network of youth organizations in a multicultural and multilingual Europe.

Our main goal is to work for the preservation and development of the rights of the minorities and ethnic groups.

We are a competent partner for all questions concerning youth minorities. We create an awareness with the majority population for issues concerning minorities and ethnic groups.

We use various possibilities of public relations work to influence on different levels and to articulate the rights and the needs of the minorities.

We work hard to integrate all minorities and ethnic groups.

Basic principles

Exchange and activities on international level are our strength.

Our engagement is characterized by voluntarism, sense of responsibility, respect and openness.

We pass our decisions in a democratic way.

We expand our horizons through international contacts and the knowledge of the diversity and problem of culture, minorities and majorities.

We would like to learn together and learn from each other in order to create a living network characterized by tolerance.

We ensure a good flow of information in order to improve our decisions.

We are ready to assume responsibility.