Youth of European Nationalities


Jugend Europäischer Volksgruppen

Humans of YEN

Humans of YEN - Patrik, Sona & Simona

Our names are Patrik Lompart, Sona Lompartona und Simona Rindašova. We are from the German Minority in Slovakia. Its always great to meet new minorities and their traditions and culture. Through the JEV Events, we establish new contacts…

Humans of YEN - Maurus Bundi

My name is Maurus Bundi and I'm from rhaeto-romance minority in Switzerland. The thing I always look most forward to is to meet people again and get to know new people. A very valuable Part of the JEV Events is thus to meet new people…

Ahoy, Working Group of Communication!

From the 21st to 23rd of october the working group of communication met in rainy but, apart from that, very beautiful Flensburg in northern Germany. As soon as the travellers from all over Europe arrived, they realised that, indeed, it had been…

Meet each other instead of fear each other!

People have migrated and influenced destination countries across the world for several thousands of years. Therefore, migration is a significant aspect in human history. It is not a new phenomenon but moreover a natural social effect of a long…