Call for participants – Diversity Festival 2023

The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) and Društvo mladih Slovencev v Italiji (DM+) are looking for participants for the Diversity Festival “SINERGIJA | SYNERGY”.

The event will take place in Trst/Trieste, Italy from the 24th – 30th July 2023 and will be organised by Društvo mladih Slovencev v Italiji (DM+)and the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN/JEV).

About the Diversity Festival

The Diversity Festival is an event where youth from different minorities in Europe meet and spend a week together participating in creative workshops, activities and exchange, with a focus on creative approaches to minority activism under the motto “SINERGIJA | SYNERGY”.

The word synergy comes from the ancient Greek word synergos, συνεργός, which means working together. Synergy is the phenomenon of two or more interacting or cooperating agents which produces an effect that is much greater than the sum of their individual effects.

The festival is co-hosted and organised by DM+, the Association of Young Slovenians in Italy. DM+ was established in 2019, hold their headquartes in Špeter (San Pietro al Natisone) and have members come from different regions: Trieste, Gorizia and Udine. One of their main goals is to provide opportunities for young people to meet, to spend meaningful moments together, to talk about different experiences and to interact with each other.

Learn more about what DM+ are doing here.


In the registration you can choose which workshop you would like to attend and we will try to make it possible for everyone to attend their first or second choice.You can find a detailed description of the workshops in the Open Call (see below).

  • Radio Story-Podcast Workshop
  • Installation Scenography
  • Theatre Workshop: Playing with the Body

Together with the Info Sheet you will be informed about which workshop you will take part in. All workshops will be held in English.


Please read through the Open Call

Open Call – click here

The closing date for registration is 18th June!

Register – here


The Diversity Festival is co-funded by the Urad vlade republike Slovenije za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu (Government Office for Slovenians Abroad) and the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (Dežela Furlanija Julijska Krajina).