We want to know what YOU want from YEN!

Join a group discussion to assess the needs of YEN Member Organisations!

We as YEN would like to know more about your needs and how we can support you!

The Youth of European Nationalities has grown and improved a lot over the last couple of years, growing in Memberships, office staff, activities and content, while at the same time also investing more resources into advocacy work where we have successfully brought minority issues on the political agenda.

As we constantly take decisions for the future of YEN and while doing so we always keep our member organisation best interest in mind. Knowing your challenges and how YEN can help is therefore crucial.

Therefore, we would like to invite all YEN Member Organisations to participate in a guided focus group session, where – through a series of questions – we would like to assess what your individual needs are and how we as YEN can best help and support you.

We will start organizing focus groups in the second half of March, so please fill in the doodle under this link, to let us know when you are available to join.

We will try our best to group you together in a comfortable setting and by language, so that you can feel free to speak in the language you are most comfortable with.

If none of your representatives can make it to any of the proposed dates, please also let us know and we will make sure to adapt to your needs.

If you have any questions about the process, you can simply write us an email (board@yeni.org)  and we are happy to explain.

Sign up and help us decide the future of YEN!