Digital Autumn: Think united!

YEN´s Digital Autumn: Think United! took place from December 2020 to January 2021. As part of it YEN hosted a series of Webinars, created resource collection and implemented an online campaign with quotes and information about activists from various communities.

The Digital Autumn covered topics such as anti-discrimination, inclusion, intersectionality and diversity  to encourage your personal reflection, give inspiration and create solidarity. Throughout the Digital Autumn we wanted to give you an opportunity to look beyond national, linguistic and ethnic minorities and exchange insights into the experience and challenges that other minority groups are facing.


The webinars aimed to explore the challenges and accomplishments of young people from a variety of minority groups. Throughout the three episodes our guests had the chance to exchange their experience of discrimination and the stereotypes that they are facing as minority groups. With this Webinar series we wanted to inspire and support solidarity among young people from minority groups and empower the youth in their work.

Read about each of the Webinars from YEN`s Digital Autumn: Think United!

YEN`s Webinars Digital Autumn: Think United! 


In order to give you deeper understanding about the topic anti-discrimination and the challenges that young people from a variety of minority groups face, we have created the resource collection that includes documentaries, movies, reports, books and TED Talks. Here you can find all resources with inspirational examples.

Think United! Resource Collection


During YEN`s Digital Autumn we ran an online campage you with the quotes from a variety of activists. You can find all quotes here, to re-read, reflect and find out more about the people who said them.

Think United! Quotes 

YEN´s Digital Autumn was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.