Mission: visit of the Slovenian minority in Rijeka (Croatia)

YEN-MAN started out his majestic journey on the beautiful Adriatic coast, in the city of Rijeka. Here he visited young members of the Slovenian minority. The hosts from the cultural educational society Bazovica were so kind to gather also representatives from other local minorities, namely the Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian and Italian communities, in the Slovenian centre ‘Slovenski dom’. After a short introduction and a presentation of YEN in general, YEN-MAN started a debate  between the visitors. The discussion became very lively in a short time, and revolved around social inclusion, the challenges and advantages of a multiethnic society, the relations between minorities and the majority population and of course the current state of minority rights in Rijeka. The title of this evening, “Intercultural dialogue about social inclusion and minority rights”, was rightfully chosen as a theme, we would say! We would like to thank Natali Iskra, Ivona Ifatović and Eva Ciglar for being great hosts to our YEN-MAN and for organising the intercultural dialogue.