Ahoy, Working Group of Communication!

From the 21st to 23rd of october the working group of communication met in rainy but, apart from that, very beautiful Flensburg in northern Germany. As soon as the travellers from all over Europe arrived, they realised that, indeed, it had been a great idea to pack their winter jackets – they would definitely need them.


Friday, Saturday and some wood

Well, the meeting did not just consist of eating fish sandwiches, sitting in a coffeehouse and licking peppermints – of course not! Because of great exhaustion and fatigue some of our working group members even drank a beach fire! :O


On Friday, we worked hard on our new website. We added new pictures and rewrote, edited and translated old articles. Furthermore, we discussed a loooot of things on our agenda and so the “working part” of the first day of this weekend ended.
Finally, we prepared a delicious meal and concluded the day with a beer. Or two. A personal serenade during our visit of the nightlife that Flensburg has to offer, taught us that those cold northern people do love to sing, especially when there’s alcohol in their veins. And who needs the correct lyrics to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ when you can be loud?


The next day we went through some other new projects, such as the newsletter and the minority handbook and also started working on them and gathering information and material. To be more creative some group members with notoriously bad taste recommended us to put on some nice and fancy background music. Here’s our favourite:


Of course there was also a reward for the hard work on saturday: a lovely dinner with the best working group in the whole wide world! <3