Voices of Europe 2012 in concert

This year Voices of Europe – the yearly summer project of YEN – took place from 5. till 12. August in Željezno/Eisenstadt. It closed with a great concert in Veliki Borištof/Großwarasdorf (Burgenland, Austria). The host of this year was the member organization HAK – the Hrvatski akademski klub.

About 30 participants from different European minorities prepared several songs in their minority languages and presented them during two concerts. Filip Tyran, a young Burgenland Croat from Vienna, was conducting the choir for the first time. In the course of one week he was rehearsing with the young participants songs in Burgenland Croatian, Slovenian, Sorbian, Danish, Kashubian, Romansh, German and English language. The biggest linguistic challenge this year was the three-verse Danish song “Den danske sang”, but in end of the week the choir could sing it perfectly – without any accent!

In addition to the daily 6-hours of rehearsal, they had the opportunity to learn about the Burgenland and the situation of the Burgenland Croats. The program included a guided tour of Eisenstadt, an Exchange Market, a wine tasting, a visit to a local wine restaurant and a trip to Lake Neusiedl.

Thank you very much & lipa hvala dear HAK for your hospitality!