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Humans of YEN – Neel Klappe

Why I like YEN events and youth exchanges : Being on an exchange always creates a  connection between people. To spend such an intensive week together, working on a common goal, all far away from home. There are very few opportunities to meet people from so many different cultures and interesting backgrounds while at the […]

Humans of YEN – Marina Turshatova

Marina Turshatova, Russlanddeutsche from Germany, tells us about her experiences at the Diversity Festival in Moscow: The moment I heard about the Diversity Festival in Moscow, I immediately wanted to pack my bags. I absolutely wanted to go there, because it would be my only possibility to see almost all European minorities in one place. […]

HUMANS OF YEN – Kristin Heelemann

Witaj, I am Kristin Heelemann and I’m a Sorb from Germany. I think that youth participation is important for my own and other minorities because the search for your own identity plays a big role here, especially for young people. By organising projects for our own  minorities we try to give young people the possibility […]

Humans of YEN – Fani Maja

Vlach/Aromanian from Macedonia The participation in this youth organization has several benefits for my minority as well as for me personally. It is a great place to present the culture of the Aromanians living in Macedonia, to share my culture and to let the majority of the people find out about my roots and where […]