Humans of YEN – Fani Maja

Vlach/Aromanian from Macedonia

The participation in this youth organization has several benefits for my minority as well as for me personally. It is a great place to present the culture of the Aromanians living in Macedonia, to share my culture and to let the majority of the people find out about my roots and where I am coming from. Also, this organization has taken me to a whole new level of gaining experience and meeting with people who are in the same position as me. I’ve met with Aromanians who live in Romania, Aromanians who live in Albania, and we discussed about the issues we are facing, comparing the situations in our countries, and finding solutions together. This organization has proved to me that no matter where are you coming from, you deserve to be respected and appreciated for your values as an individual, and we can all live together as one! Thank you YEN for everything! 😀