Call for Participants – Autumn Seminar

The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) is looking for participants for the Autumn Seminar “time to rebuild“.

The event will take place at Hermannstadt / Sibiu in Rumania from 10th until the 16th of October and will be hosted by the youth organisation “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Jugendgemeinschaften in Rumänien / Association german youth organisations in Rumania” (ADJ).

This Autumn Seminar, the participants will meet in Hermannstadt /Sibiu, Romania. Through the workshop we want to support the participants in developing or (re-)building their minority youth organisations. The other activities in 2022 focus on empowering individuals who are the backbone of strong and active youth organisations. Throughout 2022 we aim to encourage reflections on their identity, human rights, and the value of diversity and solidarity. We also aim to create motivation for activism and youth participation by sharing experiences, skills, and knowledge within the YEN network.
The Autumn Seminar is the last step of a path that aims at transforming the motivation, inspiration, newly learned skills, and knowledge that participants previously gained into taking ownership and becoming active in minority youth organisations.
The Orga-Team is made up members of the youth organisation of the German minority Romania “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Jugendgemeinschaften in Rumänien” (ADJ).

The seminar will build on the outcomes and concepts learnt in the previous activities, moving from a level of self-aware individuals with strong identities to the level of strong and active organisations that these individuals are forming.
A relevant part of this seminar will focus on gaining concrete skills and reflecting on how to attract new members and ensure an active and sustainable membership in an inclusive environment. The participants will also be encouraged to start a process of re-defining the aims of their own organisation as part of strategy development. Throughout the event, there will be opportunities to share experiences and best practices from their own organisations and learn from each other.

The main aim of the activity is to empower young people from national minorities to (re-)build and/or further develop their own minority youth organisations. Thereby, ensuring that these organisations become and stay strong, active and sustainable democratic spaces for participation and inclusion.

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The closing date for registration is 28th of August 2022.