Diversity Festival 2022 – Call for applicants

The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) and Klub slovenskih študentk in študentov (KSŠŠD) is looking for participants for the Diversity Festival “UTOPIjA”.

The event will take place in Koroška / Carinthia from the 25th of June until the 3rd of July 2022 and will be hosted by the Carinthian Slovene youth KSŠŠD.

About the Seminar

The diversity festival is a meeting where youth from different minorities in Europe meets and has a bigger focus on creative approaches to minority activism.

The festival will be held in Dobrla vas/Eberndorf in Koroška/Carinthia from the 25th of June to the 3rd of July. Under the theme “utopia” we want to encourage participants to critically reflect on the status of themselves and their minorities and create their utopia. With creative workshops, we want to discover the different possibilities of how such a utopia can look like and learn how we can show our utopia to the world.

The Carinthian Slovene minority is settled in the very south of Austria close to the Slovene border. You will be able to learn about the local minority during the seminar. But if you are already interested – our friends at FUEN from AGSM created a short film that very well explains some of the background of this minority. Here you can find the Youtube-Link.

The seminar will take place simultaneously with the Europeada. This is an event organised by FUEN and is a football tournament where minorities from all over Europe compete against each other. We plan to visit some of their program and games. More information here.


Most of the time during the seminar you will spend in your workshops. On the first day, you will have the opportunity to learn about the different options and you will have to decide which workshop you want to visit during the rest of the week. Of course, there will be plenty of time to get to know everybody, so you do not have to worry about only hanging out with the people from your workshop.

All Workshops will be held in English, but if you are not sure if your English is well enough, feel free to reach out to us and we will try to find a solution!

Workshop 1 –  ” Minority-Dance-Party!”:

In the rhythm workshop you will learn how to express yourself through movement, dance and beat. Through the creativity of the group, a performance will be designed based on the theme of utopias and the desires of the group.

Workshop 2 –  ”Filmmaking”:

This workshop will deal with film and video, especially in form of documentary and essay films. Together with our workshop facilitator, we want to find out how films are made in practice, how filming, sound recording and editing is done.  During the seminar we want you to show your own view with cinematic means or to approach your environment with an open-ended question. In addition to the technical aspects, the aim is to create a clear concept and to playfully deal with image and sound.

Workshop 3 –  ”Choir”:

What is almost as Carinthian Slovene as (puppet) theatre? – Choral singing!

In the choir workshop, we want to learn about different minorities and languages through singing. All participants are invited to send songs of their minority group before the start of the seminar, which we will learn together in the course of the week.

Workshop 4 –  “Puppet-Theatre”:

What’s as Carinthian Slovene as choral singing? – Puppets!

In our Puppet-Theatre workshop you will learn all facets of puppet theatre – from construction of puppets to animation on stage. We also want to show you different types of puppet theatre, be it the classic Austrian ‘Kasperltheater’ with hand puppets, shadow theatre or object theatre, where you bring different everyday objects to life