Egg Salad with curry from the German minority in Denmark

Since we were not able to visit the Knivsberg for our Easter Seminar this year, the Deutsche minority in Denmark has shared with us their recipe for Egg Salad with curry. This spread is a classic at each lunch in southern Denmark and especially for Easter.

So if you are looking for a little more diversity to spice up your Easter brunch/lunch try out this fast delicious recipe. 



1 dl ou yoghurt naturele 

1 dl mayonnaise 

1,5 teaspoon Curry

1 spoonful of mustard

2 chopped springoniens

2 hard boiled eggs chopped into cubes

salt and pepper


Optional: There are a lot of variations for this recipe depending on who and where it is made. Some include apples chopped into small cubes or chopped crispy bacon. So just go with your instincts.


Chopp the spring onions into thin slices and mit in all the other ingredients. Add salt and pepper to your liking. The spread is ready to serve.