MYnority MYsay! – the podcast by YEN is online!

Back at the last Autumn Seminar “Gather up!” the idea of a YEN podcast came into life and was further developed during the project management course. A group of the participants worked on the realisation of the project, which we now, finally, are more than happy to share with you!!

„With this podcast we want to build a platform, where young people are encouraged to speak up and share their personal stories. Topics will vary, their relevance won’t”

For every episode we invited a guest that offers insights into diverse minority cultures from all over Europe. We as the hosts are, too, from different minorities. The aim is to share thoughts and exchange new ideas, talk about what encourages youth in minorities and learn new perspectives.

For now, there are two episodes available on Spotify or, one in English and one in German. We hope this may enrich these challenging days of isolation, #stayathome and keep warm ❤

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About the episodes:

ENGLISH EPISODE „ A Lusatian Sorb about digitalisation”

For our English episode we invited the Lusatian Sorb Syman over!

Living in Mannheim, away from his minority in Saxony, Syman realised the importance of his mother tongue in his everyday life. The result: a quiz app about the Sorbian culture and language. He gained the necessary knowledge in his studies about computer science, economics and informatics.

Furthermore, we talk about minority languages and their implementation to mobile devices, and the feeling of disconnection from your home because of a missing mother tongue in a foreign place.

Our hosts are Alex, a Burgenland Croat from Austria, and Paul from the Danish minority in Germany.

Symans quiz app:

Listen to the English episode on Spotify [HERE].

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GERMAN EPISODE „A German Sintesa talking about Sinti and Roma”

For the German episode, we hosted Marge as a guest. Marge have us a very special insight into her life as a member of one of the oldest ethnic group in Europe. We are talking about identity, what it means for her personally to belong to Sinti  and Roma minority and for how long she is so open about this. She explains us, what it means to be growing up as a Sintesa in Germany and how the education work still needs to be improved.

Our hosts are Linea and Linda from the Danish minority in Germany.

Marge is also a co-creator of the Facebook Group Sinti-Roma Pride, which serves as a networking platform for the members of the minority in Germany.

Sinti-Roma Pride:

Listen to the German episode on Spotify [HERE].

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If you have comments, feedback or ideas regarding the podcast write us:

Team responsible: Paul, Linea, Alex & Linda

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community of Germany. Thank you very much for this support.