The Minorities Messengers Project is evolving to another stage so we are looking for dedicated young people that would like to work on the next step throughout 2020!

…we are looking for you:

Members of the Minority Messengers HUB – Steering Team

…to work together with a dedicated team on the “State of Play of Young People from Minorities in Europe”.


With this document, that should be ready by the end of the year 2020, we want to strengthen our position in civil society and the connections within our network, partners and European institutions by:

  1. documenting and making the outcomes of our seminars 2018-2020 more visible by summarizing the three-year programme of Minority Messengers;
  2. sharing our expertise, data and knowledge from working with minority youth, filling in this way a “content gap” on the current state of play of minorities in Europe, and make it accessible to European institutions, youth organizations, our network etc.; and
  3. providing a tool for lobbying and information.


The Steering Team will meet for three Laboratories (Lab´s) during 2020. The members of the Steering Team are expected to take part in all three Lab´s and to be willing to work on tasks for the HUB throughout the year.

For more Information please read the OPEN CALL!


Please note that the implementation of the project depends on the funding, on which the decision is still pending.