Capuns – Stuffed mangold leaves

The name capuns derives from the word “capon” meaning ‘a fattened rooster’. There are as many recipes for capuns as there are grandmothers living in Graubünden.


In this recipe the ingredients are listed in two languages – English and Rumantsch. You can find the Rumantsch word in the brackets following the English one. You can also substitute meat with vegetarian ingredients. The recipe for the vegetarian version of this classic recipe can be found at the bottom.



400 g        white flour (frina)

4        eggs (ovs)

¼ l        milk and water (half milk, half water) (aualatg)

pinch        salt (sal)


Whisk together the eggs, the milk-water ratio and seasonings. Add the flour while whisking and continue to mix until you can see the batter bubbling up. Cover and let it sit for at least half an hour.


After the batter has rested, stir into it the following ingredients:


100 g        fine diced salsiz – dried sausage (salsiz)

100 g        fine diced landjäger sausage, or raw ham (langegher)

20 g        chopped parsley (peterschin)

chives (tschagugliuns)

a bit        chopped curled spearmint, or basil and rosemary (jarva tschuora)



Put about a teaspoon of the batter on a chard leave and wrap it up. Repeat the process until the filling is gone. Put the capuns in a hot pan and fry them shortly in a small amount of butter. After a quick fry, bring to a simmer salted water and add the capuns. Cook for about 5-10 minutes.



Dice an onion and sauté it with a bit of butter. Deglaze the pan with 1 ½ dl of beef bouillon and 1 ½ dl of cream. Let it simmer until reduced to half. Spice it with salt and pepper.



Place the capuns in a garnish dish, pour over the sauce and top with crispy bacon stripes and grated cheese.


Grandmother’s tip (Cussegl da la tatta): Vegetarian capuns are easily made by substituting meat with 200 g of vegetables. For the filling use 100 g of diced potatoes, 50 g of peeled and diced green peppers, and a small chopped onion.

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