Would you like to visit other minorities? Meet new friends? Learn something new? Join YEN’s activities in 2018 and become a Minority Messenger! How does this work?

You will get a training with nice and interesting people all over the Europe to develop the project during the Kick-off event “Message in the Bottle” in Switzerland from 11th till 18th of February. Presentation and management skills will also be on the agenda. Hills, snow and washing machines may be there, too 🙂

During the Easter Seminar “Winging the shoes” in Opole from 23rd till 29th of March with BJDM we will train 50 Minority Messenger how to plan their trip and how to present minority issues to other people. Then the even more exciting part starts! You will get a small budget to travel in the summer (“Spreading the Message”) in your region and visit other minorities or your minority, to inform them even better about other minority issues and YEN.

After the summer we will meet again in Bratislava from 8th till 14th of October for the YLS “Long Minority Stories Short” to exchange how the trips went amongst the Minority Messengers, invite new friends you met during the trips and evaluate the tools we used. During your trips, you will also gather information about different problems the minorities may face or best practices they have, e.g. on language, education and media. So at the end of the year we can develop a database with issues concerning minorities in Europe. We plan to continue the whole project also in the future, to learn more, contribute more and have more fun!

Contact us at board@yeni.org or office@yeni.org if you have any question or comment or praise!