Cooking diversity, tasting minorities

A new culinary trend is becoming increasingly popular among the YENies population. Developed by two teams of experts from YEN laboratories in collaboration with the best chefs from all over Europe, the revolutionary “minority diet” integrates ingredients of different origins into a unique YENy lifestyle. The well-kept secrets of grandmas’ from kin and non-kin states’ minorities will be finally revealed on this exclusive blog to help you have a balanced food intake, with the right proportions of South Tyrol’s specialties, Aromanian aromas, Frisian flavors and much more… Mixing traditional cuisines with modern technology, the minority diet is scientifically proven to help you improve your mood, deepen your connection with other minorities, impress your friends with exotic dishes and gain weight. And for all of you who find it difficult to follow a diet, small challenges will be provided to keep you eating right!

The Minority Cook Blog is a project by the Working groups for Communication and Member Integration. We would like to thank all the Member Organisations who sent their recipes for their patience and collaboration. We are looking forward to getting new recipes!