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In solidarity with young Sorbians

The Youth of European Nationalities supports and follows our member organisation Serbske młodźinske towarstwo Pawk z. t. in strongly condemning the anti-Sorbian attacks of last Saturday. During a celebration of the Sorbian High School Bautzen in the small village of Schönau, verbal and physical clashes between a group of neo-Nazis and individual Sorbs occurred in the parking […]

Green bean soup from the Russian Germans

Ingredients 1-2 bay leaves Salt 1 kg of potatoes 1 glass of cream or milk Butter 200g flour 400g green beans An onion A carrot Soup vegetables   Wash the beans and divide them into four. Boil them in salted water for about 15 min. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes and boil […]

Sûkerbôle – sugar bread

Looking for a little something for you sweet tooth? The West Frisians from FYK, have shared with us the perfect thing – Suûkerbôle. Super delicious and easy to make, it is just the right thing to impress your friends with. 500 g flour 10 g salt  3 g cinnamon 3 tablespoons of ginger sap and […]

“Øllebrød” – Bread Soup

In the morning there is nothing better than starting your day with a nice warm bowl of porridge. One variation that is very popular with the German minority in Denmark is Øllebrød. As breakfast or a snack- øllebrød is always a win. Ingredients: 150g dark whole grain bread 200 ml light beer or water 1 […]

Christmas stollen from the Lausitz – from the Sorbs

300g raisins (pickled in alcohol) 375g flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 125g sugar 1 vial of vanilla flavouring 1 pinch cinnamon or gingerbread spice 200g curd 150g butter 200g ground almonds 1 egg 190g candied lemon peel 1 marzipan block   Mix all ingredients. Shape the dough into loaves and bake at 180° top and […]

Registration for Kick-Off Seminar now closed

The Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) is looking for participants for the Kick-Off Seminar “Think equally”. The event will take place in Csolnok/Tscholnok (close to Budapest), Hungary and will be hosted by the Gemeinschaft Junger Ungarndeutscher; GJU (the youth organisation of Germans in Hungary). It will be supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council […]

YEN goes 2020

As we are approaching the end of the year, we are evaluating the past events, but at the same time already planning new activities in 2020. Keep yourselves updated – there are some exciting opportunities waiting for YOU! Under the motto: „Think diverse! Minority youth in a Changing World”, we want to focus on the […]

Call for contributions! Share your story and let us print it!

After the Autumn Seminar “Gather up!” in Sochi, we are not slowing down. During the seminar, young people from minorities focused on participation with youth organisations in society and in that context were trained in project management to learn how to successfully implement their project ideas. One group of participants had a chance to try […]

Caramelized Almonds

Anyone who has ever been to a christmas marked knows the smell of caramelized almonds mixed with a nice warm cup of mulled wine. All over Germany and Scandinavia minorities (and majority) get into the christmas spirit making these delicious sweets.   Ingredients: 200g Almonds 200g Sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla sugar 1 dl water   […]

Vanilla wreath cookies – German minority in Denmark

for ca. 80 cookies Ingredients 1 vanilla bean (fresh) 200g Flour 200g Butter (room temperatur) 160g Sugar 150g Almond Flour 1 Egg   Split the vanilla bean down the middle and use a knife to scrape out the seeds. Take a spoon full of the sugar and mix it with the seeds so they do […]