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“Hello, I’m Paule, I’m from the danish minority in Germany, live near to the danish-german borderline. I’m here mainly, because 3 wonderfull people told me, that here are so many great people and unfortunately they were right, here are so many great people, who are quite simply openminded, speaks so many different languages and everyone […]


“The YEN as umbrella organization is very important for us from the SJR (Youth of South Tirol). The YEN represents an important point of reference for all minorities in whole Europe, where we as the Youth of South Tyrol love to be very active and constructive about sociopolitics and of course the minority themes.”


Ana Bednar from the German minority in Romania tells us about her experience in the YLS (Youth Leader Seminar) in Lockenhaus, Austria: ,,I came here because I thought that this is a great opportunity for me to experience and learn new things and implement them in our community.”

YEN has financial Problems

We need your help! We’re very sorry to tell you that YEN has massive financial problems ever since Matic (Convenor for Minority Rights and Politics) accidentally bought the most expensive first class ticket for his flight to this year’s Easter Seminar. To still be able to organise all our wonderful events, most particularly the coming […]

Ahoy, Working Group of Communication!

From the 21st to 23rd of october the working group of communication met in rainy but, apart from that, very beautiful Flensburg in northern Germany. As soon as the travellers from all over Europe arrived, they realised that, indeed, it had been a great idea to pack their winter jackets – they would definitely need […]

Meet each other instead of fear each other!

People have migrated and influenced destination countries across the world for several thousands of years. Therefore, migration is a significant aspect in human history. It is not a new phenomenon but moreover a natural social effect of a long colonization period in the entire world. The migration of people into unsettled areas must not be […]

Humans of YEN – Johanna Jürgensen

My Name is Johanna Jürgensen, I’m from Jungen Spitzen, from the German minority in Denmark. I was motivated to participate in a YEN Event because you can learn a lot about the different minorities, you can deepen your language in general and you can meet other young people, that are in in the same situation […]