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New Secretary General

As of September 1, 2018, Kasia Siemasz took over the management of JEV as successor to Roman Kühn. For several years she has been active in youth organizations and in recent years she has been working for the concerns of young people at international and European level. After completing the International Parliamentary Scholarship in the German […]


Cooking diversity, tasting minorities A new culinary trend is becoming increasingly popular among the YENies population. Developed by two teams of experts from YEN laboratories in collaboration with the best chefs from all over Europe, the revolutionary “minority diet” integrates ingredients of different origins into a unique YENy lifestyle. The well-kept secrets of grandmas’ from […]

“Building Bridges” at the Easter Seminar in Albania

This year’s Easter Seminar took place from the 7th till the 13th of April in Durrës, Albania – in a hotel that was situated a mere 5 metres away from the beach. Our member organisation CTarmA – the Aromanians/ Vlachs from Albania, spared neither costs nor troubles to make our stay as pleasant as possible. […]


I’m Ydwine and I’m West Frisian from the Netherlands. I think YEN is very important because it brings the youth minorities together and we can exchange experiences, talk about it and make the situation for everyone better.


“Hello, I’m Paule, I’m from the danish minority in Germany, live near to the danish-german borderline. I’m here mainly, because 3 wonderfull people told me, that here are so many great people and unfortunately they were right, here are so many great people, who are quite simply openminded, speaks so many different languages and everyone […]


“The YEN as umbrella organization is very important for us from the SJR (Youth of South Tirol). The YEN represents an important point of reference for all minorities in whole Europe, where we as the Youth of South Tyrol love to be very active and constructive about sociopolitics and of course the minority themes.”