YEN`s Study Visit in 2023



Did you know that the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN/JEV) provided study visits. Individuals from our member organisations had the chance to explore minority communities in Europe. This not only allowed them to connect with other minority youth organisations but also to attend events organised by different minorities. They learned about shared and distinct structures of minorities in various countries, broadening their perspective on minorities in Europe.

In 2023, four persons participated in this program. In May, David explored the University of Roazhon of the Bretons in Brittany and visited the Lia Rumantscha and Dicziunari Rumantsch of the Rhaeto-Romansh in Switzerland. Leah and Louis attended the global "HIGA! 2023-Summit" for minoritised languages worldwide. Louis also engaged with the Dom Bretanii at a traditional Breton event in Poland, experienced the Sorbian minority in Germany at a folk music festival, and commemorated the Assyrian Genocide in Sweden with the Assyrian community. Toward the year's end, Leah ventured to Thessaloniki to understand the situation of the Roma community in Greece and later participated in an event organised by the Jewish community in Bulgaria and Sophie visited young people of the Danish Minority in Germany, who she met in YENs Autumn Seminar before.

YEN wants to thank the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe for making this Study Trips possible.

Reports from the Study Visits in 2023