RISE UP Networking Event: How to Use Digital Tools to Support Minoritised Languages

YEN’s partner project RISE UP held its first networking event on 6th November 2023. It was a great success with almost 100 participants from all over the world who came to learn more about digital tools and how they can benefit minoritised language groups. A few members of YEN’s member organisations also took part. Presentations were made on the themes of digital language activism, minority language podcasting, digital language learning platforms by:

– Eddie Avila (head of Rising Voices, a platform advocating for languages in digital spaces)

– Juan Vergara (from Galician Podcast series Fóra de Mapa, about European ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities)

– Elena Saricu Todica and Florentina Costea (creators of Anveatsã Armãneashti, an online platform for learning Aromanian)


You can read more about the event here or find the link to the recording here

We look forward to collaborating further with RISE UP and will keep you updated about further events.

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