Youth, make some noise!

YEN Booklet “Youth, make some noise!” is now out!


After the YEN seminar “Gather up!” in Sochi that was dedicated to youth participation, we started collecting ideas for projects developed during the seminar, best practices from our Member Organisations and the knowledge about project management for the Booklet “Youth, make some noise!”.
We cooperated with our member organisations to make sure that your ideas, knowledge and experiences will be documented and shared.

The last year was a challenge not only for YEN but also for the youth minority organisations. We could not organise live events and our member organisations faced a variety of problems, such as reduced funding, inability to meet and decreased civic space. They also were personally affected by the consequences of COVID-19: Members faced scapegoating and the inability to cross borders which hit transnational minorities particularly hard as they were not able to visit their families or work. The work on the booklet took longer than we had hoped.

But we as YEN are committed to support our network, foster youth participation and motivate minority youth.

The booklet is a guide in project management and inspiration for youth organisations. It describes step by step how to create your project: project management theory, funding opportunities and other tricks and tips. To demonstrate the creation of a project from the beginning and possible challenges that can occur, we described the process of our Podcast.

To celebrate and share the projects of our member organisations learn from and inspire each other, we present good practise examples from our member organisations.

Organising a project during the pandemic is difficult as you face even more challenges than usual. In the YEN network, we have seen that motivation to implement events often is missing. But especially now it is important to stay and become active to ensure that the needs and interests of minority youth are not forgotten. With this booklet, we want to encourage the youth in our network to “make some noise” and inspire them to start planning projects again.

We want to enable young people from national, ethnic and linguistic minorities to take the initiative, reflect on and claim their rights and support them in creating projects, that address the topics that are important for them.

We want to thank our member organisations that contributed to this Booklet:

Bund der Jugend der Deutschen Minderheit (BJDM) – Germans in Poland
Društvo mladih Slovencev v Italiji – (DM+) – Slovenes in Italy
Gemeinschaft Junger Ungarndeutscher (GJU) – Germans in Hungary
Hrvatski akademski klub (HAK) – Burgenland-Croats in Austria
Jugendring der Russlanddeutschen (JdR) – Germans in Russia
“Pawk“ – Serbske młodźinske towarstwo – Lusatian Sorbs
Klub Studencki “Pomorania” – Kashubians in Poland
Sydslesvigs danske Ungdomsforeninger (SdU) – Danes in Germany
Vajdasági Ifjúsági Fórum (VIFÓ) – Hungarians in Serbia

This project was supported by European Cultural Foundation