Due to the Coronavirus YENs Easter Seminar will be cancelled!

Today we decided to cancel our Easter Seminar „Grenzland 2.0 – 100 years of best practice? Think beyond borders“.


The Danish authorities have asked organisers of smaller events to assess the risk of infection themselves and act accordingly. Therefore, the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) and its co-organizers, the youth organisations of the German and Danish Minorities, DJN and SdU, have decided to take this responsibility serious.

After much consideration we have concluded that we assess the risk of infection during a gathering of so many people from different nations as too high. An event with about 100 young people from all over Europa, who visit and travel the German-Danish border region for a whole week would pose, in our opinion, an irresponsible risk. Additionally, several of our member organisations are already subjected to travel restrictions in their respective countries.

We are very sorry, that we had to take this decision. Having to cancel the seminar is regrettable not only for the future participants but also for the many volunteers working on the project as well as for our partners and supporters and the organisers themselves. We were looking forward to meeting you all again and celebrate the anniversary of the German-Danish border region together and learn from their longstanding cooperation.


We will need to see if and how we can carry out the seminar at a different time. We will keep you updated and thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay safe, you´ll hear from us soon!