YEN discussing the shrinking space for civil society

We have been invited to take part in Council of Europe’s Consultative Meeting organized by Youth Department in co-operation with Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe and European Youth Forum to explore the shrinking space for civil society, its impact on young people and youth organizations, and examine models that are being used to ensure the meaningful participation of civil society.

The aim of the meeting is not only to provide recommendations and ideas to the @Joint Council on Youth on how to effectively address challenges and restrictions youth civil society organisations face in their work, but also to exchange and share examples of good practices in fighting the phenomena.

In one of the sessions YEN has also presented Minority Messengers Project as a good practice and an example of an existing response to restrictions imposed in the area of freedom of expression and information. The Minority Messengers Project not only empowers but also equipes young people from minorities with soft skills and knowledge they need to become more active participants and important actors in civil society.

We are glad that minority voices had a strong representation at the consultative meeting as our partners  ternYpe and Phiren Amenca were also present here in Strasbourg.      

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