Diversity Festival 2016 in Moscow

From 7.-14. August 2016 we are at the Diversity Festival “Minorities on stage” in Moscow and Moscow region in Russia. It is organized by the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN), the “Jugendring der Russlanddeutschen” (Youth organisation of the Germans from Russia) and the “djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Bundesverband e.V.” (German Youth in Europe). The event is supported by the European Youth Foundation.

More than 100 young people from all over Europe are meeting for a cultural as well as artistic week in Moscow and surrounding areas. Most of these young people are member of a minority. Artistic workshops and dialogues will look at the identity and daily life of young people growing up in a minority. The outcomes of these artistic workshops will be brought together by the festival director Milena Olip, and presented on stage in Flacon, Moscow on 13th August 2016 at 18:00. The performance will present the cultural diversity and moreover daily challenges of minorities in Europe in a creative way, and introduce the minorities of Europe to a broad audience.

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Diversity Festival 2016-Moscow-group picture