Call for contributions! Share your story and let us print it!

After the Autumn Seminar “Gather up!” in Sochi, we are not slowing down. During the seminar, young people from minorities focused on participation with youth organisations in society and in that context were trained in project management to learn how to successfully implement their project ideas. One group of participants had a chance to try out their new skills straight away – they were able to record a podcast on minorities as planned during the Autumn Seminar (stay tuned for more information!). 

For those who missed Sochi, or who don’t want to forget the knowledge, we want to create a booklet on project management in youth organisations. Besides describing the main steps of project management we also want to collect and share some good practices in it. For that we are looking for contributions: 

Have you run an interesting and successful project with your youth organisation or youth group you want to tell us about? Let us know, send us more information and we will be happy to include your story in the booklet. Let others know about your experiences, let others get some inspiration. 

What are we looking for? Any project that you implemented – from a cultural evening, through campaigns, seminars or anything else. 

If you have something in mind, please send us a short description of your project (max. 300 words)  with the logo of your organisation and if available some pictures. In the description, please don’t forget to mention:

  • What was the aim and the target group of the project;
  • How did you organise it;
  • When and where it took place;
  • Why it was a success;
  • Link to further information if applicable (also if it is in your minority language). 

Send us the information until 8th January to