It is MYnority and MYSay

In the end of May 2019, people across the European Union will have a chance to decide on the future of Europe – by casting their vote in the elections to the European Parliament. Taking part in the election is an essential part of taking responsibility for our societies and the future we will live in.

We, as the network of young people from national, ethnic and linguistic minorities, have our own ideas on how Europe should look like. We also have other or rather particular needs and interests, connected with our realities of life – the life as young people belonging to minorities.

With our campaign #MYnorityMYsay we want to raise our voices and have our say in the election campaigns and beyond! In the upcoming weeks we will present our demands and ideas. We developed and formulated these demands in a group of young people from fourteen countries and twenty minorities during our Easter Seminar “Speak up!”, That way we want to articulate the rights and the needs of young people belonging to national minorities. We believe that our needs and rights should be a topic in the public discourse more often and that they should be taken into account by the EP-candidates, future Members of the European Parliament, as well as local and national stakeholders!

You call young people, the future of Europe. But we are here today, and we want to have OUR SAY!

The Easter Seminar and the campaign “MYnority MYSay” is possible due to the support of the European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe) and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.