“I am part of the minority messenger project because I am especially keen on minority, as well as human rights. I thought that this campaign would really help to raise the awareness of minority issues and problems they have to face, among majority. The whole minority messenger project is very well prepared and is therefore a great way also to get in touch with new potential member organisations or partners for YEN.

Even though I was a minority messenger from the very beginning and actually also helped developing it, I was quite nervous before my first visit. I had some bureaucratic difficulties, but still was awaiting it with great pleasure and now looking black, I am really proud of my visits, especially the first one. It was amazing that I got so much response on my work and the issues we discussed at the visits: e-mails, video links abut minority languages, messages on social media – all of this proves that we are on the right track and that we should really continue with this project.”