Our candidate for the 2018-19 Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe

We are proudly presenting you our candidate for the 2018-2019 Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe: Matic Germovšek

Matic: “I am representing YEN in the current Advisory Council mandate and would like to continue with the good work that we have started in this mandate, where I am responsible for the Roma Youth portfolio. It has been significantly important that YEN joined the AC because we could add a lot to diversity and expertise when it comes to the topics of minorities.”

“In this time of European identity crisis, we must stand together to fight for youth rights and a diverse Europe. I am sure that I can contribute with the knowledge and experiences from YEN to strengthen the work of the Council of Europe. I am very much looking forward to continue my active engagement in the Advisory Council, and to equally represent the interests of all young people.”

Letter of Motivation Matic
Letter of Motivation YEN