Mission: visit of the Czech minority in Daruvar (Croatia)

YEN-MAN visited the city of Daruvar, where he was the guest of the Czech minority. This proved to be a very warm welcome, because our hero met with lots of important people: representatives of the Czech National Council, the Czech Union, the weekly Czech paper of Croatia (‘Jednota’), Radio ‘Daruvar’ and even Czech representatives of the Bjelovarska-Bilogorski regional government.

YEN-MAN again presented YEN’s activities, aims and plans (he never gets tired from this, as you can see) to not only the young members of the Czech community, but also to the representatives of the German, Serbian and Roma minority. And, being the thoughtful and generous hero that he is, he of course didn’t forget the Croatian majority population.

Furthermore, people from the aforementioned Roma and Czech communities participated in an intercultural discussion that YEN-MAN specialises in. They were joined by ‘Impress’, an organisation that promotes youth participation in Croatia. The main topics were in this case: challenges young people and members of minorities are facing, the opportunities society can gain from diversity and multiculturalism, and good examples and possibilities of minority youth development. We would like to thank all the participants, the audience, the dear members of the Czech community, and especially the vice president of the Bjelovarska-Bilogorski regional government, Mrs. Tanja Novotni Golubić, for making this event possible.