Board Meeting in September 2014

From the 5th- 7th of September 2014 we held our Board Meeting in Koljnof/ Kópháza (Hungary).
Following the invitation of Hak – Hrvatski akademski klub (Kroatischer Akademikerklub) we combined it with the annual festival Dan Mladine, the Burgenland- Croatian youth organizes.

The aim was, to introduce our work and YEN as an organization itself to the Burgenland- Croatian youth from Austria and Hungary, who didn’t get in touch with other European minorities earlier. It was a special occasion due to the fact that Dan Mladine was organized this year in cooperation with the MladiK and Koljnovsko hrvatsko društvo, teh Burgenland- Croatian youth organizations from and in Hungary.

The main topics of our board meeting were current projects, the Workplan 2015 and proposals for structural changes of the organization.
Coming from its trip from Macedonia through Lusatia, our the Minority Flag now reached our friends from Burgenland.