Youth Leader Seminar 2011 in Bautzen

For this year’s Youth Leader Seminar from 14th to 20th October, the YEN was guest of the Sorbian youth organization PAWK in Bautzen / Budyšin. The local people lovingly call Bautzen “The city of many towers,” and so we spent a week in a castle-like hostel in the old town.

This week’s slogan was “VolunTEAR?” and was tied to the content of the Easter seminar in Christianslyst – South Schleswig. The word “TEAR” describes the fact that voluntary work may sometimes lead to frustration. Therefore, we have to try to turn this frustration into something positive and not give up the voluntary activity.
2011 is – as we all know – the year of volunteering. The voluntary efforts of young people should once again be the week’s main point.

The aim was strengthening the young people in their commitment and giving them the necessary know-how to do so. This was achieved through various workshop offerings, such as: graffiti, project management and media.
The graffiti workshop showed in a creative way how to deal with minority questions and voluntary work.
The workshop focused on project management helped developing negotiation strategies, team building and motivational possibilities of organisation members to get active in their various organisations.
The media workshop worked with the Sorbian radio and television, to document the week for all the minority organisations attending the seminar.
A quote from Pearl Buck (writer and Nobel laureate) describes the purpose of the workshops and the seminar: “The youth should go their own ways, but a few signs can not hurt.”

Additionally to the workshops, we had an insightful programme. PAWK presented us the bilingual Lusatia, starting with Bautzen. We got to know the city in the form of an exciting city rally, where team spirit and cooperation were trained. The highlight was a trip to Dresden, where Sorbian culture was presented. In addition, Lukas Nothdurfter’s birthday was celebrated.
A music festival in a village pub with various Sorbian musicians, gave a vivid insight into the Sorbian youth culture. We were also invited to watch a Sorbian theatre performance.

Also the legendary Exchange market, where minorities shared their culinary specialties to each other, was a great success. The YLC and the Council of members meeting were important program points, too.

The last evening was celebrated extensively and it was taken farewell of old and new friends.
The YEN is grateful to the PAWK for a great week!