Youth of European Nationalities


Jugend Europäischer Volksgruppen

Humans of YEN

Humans of YEN - Alexandru Nicolae Bujicu

My name is Alex and I am a Vlach from Romania. Our community is facing several political problems in Romania, about which people from all of Europe have to be informed. YEN is the best answer for that. YEN is also important to me because through…

Humans of YEN - Özlem Etdöger

My name is Özlem Etdöger and I'm from the Kurdish minority. I was motivated to pariticpate in the Diversity Festival because I have the chance to meet other minorities from Europe. The more we connect and support each other, the louder…

Auf den Spuren von Minderheitensprachen

Die Sprache spielt eine außerordentlich wichtige Rolle für Minderheiten und Volksgruppen, weil sie eine identitätsstiftende Funktion hat. Allerdings haben wir in unserem Workshop „Auf den Spuren von Minderheitensprachen“ beim diesjährigen…

“Minorities on Stage” at the Diversity Festival 2016

Moscow, Москва́ ... This year, from August 7-14 we had the pleasure to run the Diversity Festival for the second time. After this event happening in Bautzen/Budyšin (Germany) last year, it was now time to travel to Moscow (Russia).…